Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers Differences

The world is governed by the food that people eat. Eating habits across the globe are very different. The same kind of food may be cooked in two or more than two different ways. Two different apparatus can be seen to be used to cook the same food. There is a diversity of food habits. There also is, thus, the diversity of cooking habits. The methods that are used to cook rice in hilly regions may not be similar to that method which is used in the plains. Now, the challenge is to the manufacturing companies to manufacture certain favorable devices and utensils that may help the people from different cooking and eating backgrounds to cook. 

The rice, that creates the confusion between the Rice Cooker and the Pressure Cooker, is an important eatable since ancient times. Even today, in the age of pizza and burger, the well-cooked rice has not lost its importance. Rice is still considered the heart of the meal. Rice has various kinds that are used for several purposes. There are a few kinds of rice that are smaller in size and thinner. There are certain other long and thin rice. Some people like to eat a smaller one and other people the longer one. Water plays an important role in cooking rice. Water also plays a significant role in the harvesting of rice. And therefore the treatment of water in two different ways has led us to observe the difference between the Rice Cooker and the Pressure Cooker. The most basic difference between these two lies in the method of treatment of water to cook the rice. On one had when one uses the steam made from water to cook the rice, on the other hand, it use the pressure of the water to cook it. Rice Cooker uses the mechanism of steam while the Pressure cooker uses the mechanism of pressure and temperature. 

Now when we have acquainted ourselves with the methods involved in the process of cooking the rice, let us now move on to understand the difference between the Rice Cooker and the Pressure Cooker

  • The first and foremost difference between them is that the Pressure cooker is used for tenderising the meats while the Rice cookers are generally used for cooking rice as the name itself suggests. 
  • The second difference can be seen in the method of cooking that the two cookers use. When on one hand, the cooker uses the steam generated from the water in the cooker to soften the rice, on the other hand, the Pressure Cooker uses the Pressure generated by the boiling water in the cooker to cook the rice or tenderise the meat. Both the steps are wonderfully sufficient. 
  • Both these cookers have been built at two different times in history. The Rice cooker was built in China around the thirteenth century BC. The oldest one is still kept in the museum. Japan’s company named Mitsubishi, in the year 1945, brought this Rice cooker into the market by commercialising them. Many features have regularly been improved from time to time till date. The Pressure cooker, on the other hand, was invented in the seventeenth century AD. Pressure Cooker was commercialised in the US in the year 1938. 
  • There is a basic difference in the material or the apparatus also. The Pressure cooker contains a heat source for getting the temperature requirement, an inner pot for keeping the uncooked rice, the pressure and the temperature indicators or sensors. The Rice Cookers would consist of the cooking bowl for the storage of the rice, a heat source and a thermostat to sense the temperature. In this way, the construction of the apparatus is also different. 
  • The function of the Rice Cooker to only cook the rice by using steam has been expanded and other things such as meat, buns, etc. can be cooked in it. Similarly, the Pressure Cooker now has evolved and allows the softening of rice through the steam mechanism.

Explaining the mechanism of cooking:

  • rice is put in a bowl that is kept inside the inner pot of the Rice Cooker. The water is added and is supplied with heat up to its boiling point. Water becomes steam and the uncooked rice in the bowl absorbs this steam and gets cooked up. There is no water left at the end.
  • rice is put inside the cooker and the water is heated to its boiling point. The steam is forcefully contained inside the chamber to increase the predefined pressure of the cooker and thus is used to tenderise the hard meat prices. It is also used for cooking rice. 

Rice Cooker is different from the Pressure Cooker in two basic ways. One is the mechanism of cooking that involves cooking through steam in Rice Cookers and that through pressure in Pressure Cooker. The second difference lies in the construction of the apparatus and its constituent parts. The rest is the two periods in which these two different cookers took birth. 

Cooking is an art. The cooking apparatuses have kept evolving through the time and taste of the age. The apparatus depends upon the type of food and also upon the kind of cuisine use for cooking at different places. The most significant part of an apparatus is that in one or the other ways these try to ease the cooking process by either saving our time or by making things comfortable. Pressure Cooker, as well as Rice Cooker, does the work of saving our time. At hilly regions, cookers facilitate by providing an appropriate environment to cook the food easily which otherwise would be impossible. One may note that the rice cooked in Rice cooker smells pleasant that that cooked in the Pressure Cooker due to the capturing of the scent by the tightly packed container. It is better to ha e both the cookers to experience the richness of rice. But, the personal choice of space, time and money can be made to buy either of them. Both the cookers remain differently-abled. 

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