Instant Pot Smart WiFi Reviews

Instant Pot Smart WiFi Review – Features, Pros, Cons & Buying Guide

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi Review

In the world of cooking, the most important thing is the taste. The taste depends upon the mood of the chef. The mood depends upon the method of cooking. The method depends upon the apparatuses used for cooking. The apparatus depends upon the technology used for building it. And thus we can say that the apparatus that can save time, money, ingredients and effort is the best one to make the food tasty. The world we live in is governed by technology. 

The Internet Of Things is one such great technology that has redefined our living space. It has enabled us to confine ourselves to the mobile screen for everything. The management of housekeeping like managing the working of the electrical appliances in the house through mobile has become very popular. Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is such an apparatus that can be operated through our smartphones by using the local Wi-Fi network of the place. This is a great innovation in the kitchen space that would try to make the cooking experience more vital. 

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, 13 One-Touch Programs
  • Cooks Fast and Saves Time: The Instant Pot Smart Wifi combines 8 kitchen appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, sauté pan, steamer, and warmer
  • Consistently Delicious: 13 one-touch Smart Programs put cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts and more on autopilot – with tasty results
  • Connected for Ease of Use: Compatible with Alexa and wifi - control your Instant Pot Smart Wifi in the palm of your hand with the Instant Pot app or through voice with Alexa. Includes access to 1,000+ pre-programmed recipes and verify cooking progress, share cooker access with family, and receive alerts on your mobile device
  • Accessories included: Stainless steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup and condensation collector
  • Advanced Safety Protection: The 10+ built-in safety features, including Overheat Protection, Safety Lock and more to ensure safe pressure cooking


Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is a cooking appliance that comes with the amazing features of mobile controlled systems that make it worth buying for them who are tech-savvy and also who are not. It has several amazing features that make it unique. It may cost a bit higher than the normal cooker but the technological features are worth paying for. 

  1. The first thing to note is that it has a multi-features design that helps one to mold this appliance according to their needs and choices. It has the features of Slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, sauté, steamer, yogurt maker, cake maker and warmer. All these features in the same appliance is a bliss to the smart kitchen.
  2. The most appealing feature of this cooker is the system of wireless control that enables one to manage the cooking time and procedures via mobile phones and also allows to track the cooking status of the food being cooked. 
  3. This Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi can act as eight other appliances in the kitchen such as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, porridge maker, sauté, cake maker, yogurt maker, shearing and steamer. This makes it act as eight in one cooker.
  4. It also has several smart built-in programs that enable it to facilitate various cooking. 
  5. It comes with the feature of the twelve previously set custom temperatures. This feature enables it to set the required temperature while cooking different things in it.
  6. This appliance comes with important safety measures such as steam release, anti-black shield, safety lid lock, lid position detection, electrical fuse, thermal fuse, automatic temperature control, overhead position, automatic pressure detection, and lid leak control. All these features make it safe to use. 
  7. It is available as Six quartz model which is good for the family of four to six people. This is sufficient.


  • One of the benefits that Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi gives us is the ease of real handling through virtual means – mobiles. We can monitor it from anywhere in the house as far as it is connected to the Wi-Fi of the house. This has made it easy to handle.
  • It is the safest possible appliance. It is built with many safety features to enable us to use it without any fear of the food being spoiled or the appliance being spoiled.
  • The price of the product is not so high. It has so many features that cannot be afforded at such a reasonable price. It seems to be inexpensive. It can be brought and would serve as several appliances’ purposes.
  • It has a trendy and safe look that would make the kitchen look great and modern and technically advanced at the same time.


  • As this appliance comes with so many features and a modern way to handle all, it might require more time to learn the whole system how it operates. This would take some time.
  • There is no indication of the time that it might take to cook food or to build the pressure. One needs to analyse it through their daily cooking habits. No, the appliance can state the time for every food that is being prepared.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it internet dependent. And thus handicaps it at some points. If you don’t have an internet connection, you could not enjoy the cooking over this Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi.

Buyer’s guide

While buying this appliance you must keep a few things in mind that would enable you to get the best Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi from the market. 

  • The material of the product must be good. It should not be of low quality as well. It should be strong and durable. All the accessories should be included with the basic appliance. 
  • The size of the Pot is also important. You should get the Pot of the required size. It usually is available in a six qua quartz model which is the best size of its kind. 
  • The safety measures are to be wisely analyzed before buying the product. The safer the appliance the better the appliance. 
  • The warranty period of the appliance should be noted before buying the product. It usually comes with a or two years warranty. Some also do es with a five-year warranty. The price varies accordingly.

The above discussion leads us to the conclusion that one might not get a better cooker than this. Preparing varieties of delicious food through one single cooker is in itself a great thing. The food cooked is delicious to eat. Cooking is comparatively easier. And the prices are not so high as to avoid buying it. And the taste of the food prepared by it is yummy. One should not hesitate to buy this as soon as possible. Use the features and make the kitchen tech-savvy. The Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi cooker is worth buying for all its pros and cons. 

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