How to Use Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is the most appealing invention in the family of the cooking utensils and apparatus today. It has attracted a huge crowd towards itself. The people who were fond of slow cooking had once again been invited by this Instant Pot cooker to unfold their fantasy of slow cooking – which is considered the best way of cooking anything. The Instant Pot has several modes and it also issues several recipes differently. It had got all the necessary functions that would make it an all in one cooker – from the delicious steamed rice to the pressurized yummy meats. It has won the heart of many kitchens across the globe. 

Moreover, those who have used it many times and those who have recently bought it, we have a brief introduction about what this Instant Pot is all about. What is so unique about this cooker that has attracted the kitchen lovers to buy this cooker. 

  • It is all in one. It can be used for cooking several things such as meat, steam rice, pressure rice, porridge, cake, meat, etc. 
  • It is easy to operate. It can also be operated through mobile. ( if it the Wi-Fi model)
  • It is the safest to use.
  • It has a function to cook with the pressure as well as the steam. The steam is made with the liquid even of the meats and veggies inside.

Further, one thing to know about this Instant Pot is what can be cooked from it and what cannot be cooked?

The cooking of rice is the primary concern of this pot. It can cook meat, beef, stew, and some veggies too. It can cook rice within twenty minutes. Meats can be prepared within thirty minutes. It cooks fast. It can also be used to prepare a cake as well. Just thirty minutes are required to cook the beans that require the whole night to be soaked and then boiled. Instant Pot is a very responsive quick cooker that has ever been made which can cook a whole lot of things.

As we know that the Instant Pot cooker can be used for cooking various recipes, it functions differently while cooking different things. It is important to know how to cook along with the mechanism involved in cooking the same.


This is the method that is most frequently used for cooking in this pot. The tender cooking of meats without letting it dry out is done by this method. The cooking of beans normally requires soaking the seeds in water the whole night. But Instant Pot can cook it without even being soaked. It is faster. Stoves, as well as ovens, take a lot of time. Rice can also be cooked using the pressure cooking method. 

The steam is trapped by the cooker and the pressure increases. Pressure forces the steam to get inside the food and cook them thoroughly. Thus cooking it faster. The electric pressure cooker helps one to set the pressure level and the cooking time and the food gets prepared in no time. 


If you want to cook the rice slowly as you believe that this is the best ancient method to get the food tasty, you may follow the slow cooking method. It is not the pressure cooking in no time. Slow cooking takes much time but gives us tastier food. 


The browning of the meat and onions and vegetables can also be done by this cooker. And then simmering of these recipes is also easy to dine. It is a method of dry heating the bottom of the container to brown the food. The lids should always be off. 


This cooker can make the vinegar too. The milk is heated to 180 degrees and the cooker can keep the milk warm at 100 degrees for several hours. Fermentation takes place then. Yogurt is prepared. 

One most important thing to know about pressure cooking is the method of manual pressure release and the automatic pressure release. Releasing the pressure after the cooking time is over is an important step in cooking on this Instant Pot. 

  • The pressure naturally comes out through the valve when the lid is in the sealing position. The food being cooked decides the time of the release as well as the duration of the release. This can be used in the know liquid meals.
  • The pressure cab dissipates manually when the valve is positioned in the ventilation mode. This kind of release can be operated in high liquid meals.

A few tips to keep in mind while using the Instant Pot for cooking are mentioned below. 

  • Always try to use the buttons on the cooker judiciously. 
  • Always use a little amount of liquid in the cooker while cooking anything. 
  • Always set the lid valve to sealing. 
  • Always keep the cooker clean.

The parts of the Instant Pot cooker are very essential. We must get acquainted with all the parts and know their functions.

  • The outer body

This contains the system of the buttons as well as acts as a holder of the main pot. 

  • The lid

The lid is used to cover the pot. It needs to be sealed for the steam as well as pressure cooking.

  • The valve

It is press t on the lid. It is in a sealing position when pressure cooking and in a ventilation position when slow cooking. 

  • Inner pot

It holds the food inside for cooking.

  • The sealing ring

It surrounds the lid inside. It is made up of silicon. It seals the container for pressure cooking to trap the steam inside. It absorbs the scent of the food thus needs regular replacement.

  • Steamer rack

It helps to prevent food from being submerged into the liquid.

The Instant Pot is very easy to handle. It has several unique features that make cooking faster and comfortable. It can be preferred over other cookers today. The methods to cook and the mechanisms of cooking as discussed above can help one to know how the Instant Pot works. The best way to know how to use it is to go and use it. It is very easy and interesting. One must have it in one’s kitchen. 

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