How to clean an Instant Pot

How to clean an Instant Pot?

Cooking has never been just about cooking. The most significant but hidden aspect of cooking is the cleansing of the crockeries before and after cooking. The role of cleanliness in cooking is so essential that even a pinch of dust may make the whole thing unpleasant and unhygienic. There were several methods for cleaning various objects in the kitchen. Today, with the invention of so many new appliances of cooking, so many new ways of cleansing have also evolved. Whether the older or the newer, both ways of cleaning, needs proper advice and tips. 

The Instant Pot cooker is used for making several dishes. It is also an electronic device. It needs a proper strategy for its cleaning. It should be cleaned well enough to remove all the dirt and foul smell from the container. Smell has a spiritual role in the preparation of any food. The Instant Pot should be washed regularly to keep it clean for every meal. One best way to avoid a bit of stingy smell is to keep two different Instant Pots – one the vegetarian and other the non-vegetarian Pot – that would enable us to maintain the hygiene. 

The methods to clean a dish may be individual to everyone but yet there are few important things and fee important tips to keep in mind while cleaning the pot. There are methods to clean the Instant Pot daily. Following these steps would make you save time and effort. And also it would help you keep it clean always. 

The first thing that we need to know is how to clean it every day after each usage.

  • In a similar way like all other dishes, we may wash the inside container under the tap water. We may use a little soapy water to clean it.
  • The next immediate thing to do is to wipe it out – both inside and outside of the container – with the wet dishcloth.
  • The silicon ring present inside the container should also be washed properly with water. This ring has in it the smell and the colour of the food trapped. To get rid of the colour and the smell of the food cooked, this ring needs to be cleaned.
  • We may always forget to wash the lid of the container. The lid is the part of the Pot that gets dirtied the most. It should be properly washed with a washcloth. 

Cleaning daily is a good habit. Cleaning in a month or deep cleaning at long intervals is also important. A deep cleaning helps us to get rid of the food residues, the clogging, and the unwanted odour. One should follow the few simple steps given below to clean it deeply.

  • The Instant Pot is an electronic device that operates on electricity. It is washed with water, which is a good conductor of electricity. Thus, to be safe while cleansing, it is better to unplug the device first and then clean it. 
  • The main part with the buttons is known as the housing unit of the cooker. This housing unit should be carefully wiped with a damp rag from inside and outside both. Also, turn the unit upside down and wash the bottom also getting into those nooks as well. The dust can be removed from those congested nooks through a fine brush small in size.
  • The lid should be hand washed. It should be washed with soapy water using a washcloth. Often we forget to wash the lid. It must be properly washed with warm water.
  • Several smaller parts need attention. The handle should be released and the valves should be cleaned with the warm and soapy water. Then there is a valve on the inside of the lid whose silicon cap is removed and the shell is washed carefully. There is a condensation connection cup that should also be washed with soapy warm water using the washcloth.
  • The cleaning of the sealing ring must be done next. It should be cleaned with warm water and a soft washcloth. It needs to be replaced if found with any kind of unusual stretch or cracks. It is the most important part of the Pot.
  • Using the paper towel one can now attempt to wash the steam rack and other accessories. 

It is time to assemble the whole thing. One may wish to remove the odour from the sealing ring. This requires a deep vinegar or lemon steam cleansing of the pot. The steps to do so are as mentioned below. 

  • Put one cup of water, one cup of vinegar and a few chunks of lemon inside the pot.
  • For just two minutes, the pit should run on the “steam” mode. 
  • Once the pot stops, the sealing ring should be removed from the lid.
  • The ring should be air-dried by bringing it out. 
  • If you find the ring worn out, replace it with a new one.

The Instant Pot cooker can be washed and cleaned by a dishwasher machine and also by manually under the running tap water over the kitchen sink. The lid needs to be manually washed though. The vinegar and the lemon extracts used for steam cleaning the lid helps to remove the odour from the silicon ring. One should try to wash it regularly after the use. Also, a deep cleaning is must not just because it cleanses the entire thing but also because deep cleaning helps us to check whether every part is in working condition or they need a repair or replacement. You can enjoy the meals only when you keep things clean. Procrastination in the kitchen would cause you to repent more than anything. Cleanliness is the soul of the kitchen. The proper maintenance of the utensils and dishes can make them last longer and function properly.

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